Paul Spragg Opportunity winner 2018

Big Finish has announce the winner of the 2018 Short Trips Opportunity 2018, and it’s a Second Doctor story The Last Day at Work, written by Harry Draper. Read by Nick Briggs, it will be available free later this month (December 2018). News item here: SHORT TRIPS OPPORTUNITY 2018. Congratulations to Harry and a review will follow soon!…

Nick Briggs tipped for showrunner

Following recent rumours about Doctor Who, the Express newspaper is tipping Nick Briggs (and others including Mark Gatiss and Toby Whitehouse) for a new showrunner should Chris Chibnall leave. The article is Doctor Who: Who will be the new showrunner if Chris Chibnall leaves? As I’m sure Nick would say Just Imagine! +++ Message Ends +++

Twelve Angels Weeping

Here’s something to give the Doctor Who audio fan for Christmas (hint!): Twelve Angels Weeping. It’s written and read by Dave Rudden, with contributions from Nick Briggs and Pippa Bennett-Warner. It’s on Amazon to order, and should be released shortly (11 October 2018). It’s a twelve days of Christmas concept, with stories told from the villain’s…

The Dalek Occupation of Winter review on CultBox

The latest round of Early Adventures kicks off with the extremely recommended The Dalek Invasion of Winter by David K Barnes. It’s one of the most impressive debuts (to Big Finish) I can recall for a long time, and a great example of how writing, directing (Lisa Bowerman in fine form as ever) and performance (Peter Purves…

The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller announced!

After some heavy hinting from Nick Briggs on Twitter, Big Finish has announced The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller. Details are in the news item Lucie Miller returns! Quick summary: four stories in a July 2019 boxset, set in the gap between the first and second series of the original Lucie Miller Eighth Doctor adventures.

Dalek Audio Annual due December 2018

Following the Doctor Who Audio Annual and Doctor Who Audio Annual 2, this December (2018) will give us the joys of The Dalek Audio Annual. The readers are Nick Briggs, Louise Jameson and Matthew Waterhouse. It’s available to pre-order on Amazon now. Look our for a review later in the year.

The Time War Series 2 review

Paul McGann is back as the Eighth Doctor and with companion Bliss (Rakhee Thakrar) has plenty of Daleks to fight as he does his best to avoid as much of the Time War as he can. The writers have their own ideas… welcome to The Time War Series 2!

Big Finish Twelfth Doctor Licence confirmed!

Thanks to Ian McArdell for pointing out that (and thanks to others) NicK Briggs has already confirmed the Twelfth Doctor license for Big Finish! It makes yesterday’s post a bit redundant, but still, good news!

The War Master Only the Good review

With the boxset Only the Good, the Derek Jacobi War Master makes his first appearance for Big Finish. It’s a suitably subtle yet grim introduction, well realised and worth the investment. It’s also a chance to to explore some of what the Master did during the Time War, and understand how he ended up hiding away…

Landbound review

The winner of the 2018 Paul Spragg Short Trips Memorial Opportunity is now released (as of December 29, Paul’s birthday). It’s Landbound by Selim Ulug, a Third Doctor story read by Nick Briggs and directed by Neil Gardner. Mention also for Ian Atkins who produced, script edited and read all the competition entries. It’s free so no excuse…

Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 2 review

So, Billie Piper joins the ranks of Big Finish talent and reprises the part of Rose in three adventures with Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. Three stories, three writers and three sets of monsters. What’s not to like? Let’s chat about The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 2…

Third Doctor Adventures Volume 03 review

I put together some thoughts on the highly enjoyable Third Doctor Adventures Volume 03 for CultBox. It’s two great stories from Nick Briggs and Andrew Smith with Katy Manning back as Jo Grant. Tim Treloar is in good form as the Third Doctor and it’s well worth a listen. The review is: Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures…