The Astrea Conspiracy review on CultBox

February 2019’s Doctor Who Short Trips: The Astrea Consipiracy brought the Twelfth Doctor to the range, even if only as a character in a tale about Aphra Benn, written by Lizbeth Myles and read by Neve McIntosh. I found it thought provoking for reasons you can discover in my CultBox review: Doctor Who Short Trips:…

At last! The Paternoster Gang comes to Big Finish!

It won’t be a surprise as such (we’ve seen all the players converging on this), but Big Finish has announced a four boxset run for the Paternoster Gang! Why it wasn’t announced at Big Finish Day, who knows! Catrin Stewart, Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey are all back for Paternoster Gang – Heritage. Each boxset…

When Vastra met Churchill

Some interesting news on the second Churchill Years boxset with news Neve McIntosh will play Madame Vastra opposite Ian McNeice in a story about young Churchill. We have to wait until February 2018 to hear Paul Morris’s story Young Winston.

Still waiting for the Paternoster Gang on audio

Another reveal from the latest Big Finish podcast was the fact their extended licence doesn’t cover the Paternoster Gang. This is a surprise to many fans, and more so given Strax has already appeared with Jago & Litefoot.