Doctor Who Stranded 2

Doctor Who Stranded 2 review on Cultbox

While I felt Stranded 1 had potential but wasn’t innovative enough in its storytellling, I felt Stranded 2 worked a lot better. It’s more conventional Doctor Who and felt more coherent, though still had some flaws. You can read my thoughts on Cultbox: Doctor Who: Stranded 2 audio drama review. <<| Message Ends |>>

Celestial Toyroom 515

Celestial Toyroom 515 now out

If you’re a DWAS member, you may well have the latest Celestial Toyroom 515 by now. The focus is very much on some reflective (even philosophical) pieces. Of them all I most enjoyed Every Single Line, Actually by Jon Arnold. Your mileage may vary. +++ Message Ends +++

Echoes of Extinction

Time Lord Victorious: Echoes of Extinction vinyl release update

Originally intended for release last November, David Tennant and Paul McGann (or is it Paul McGann and David Tennant?) star in Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious:Echoes of Extinction – a limited edition double-A side vinyl LP, now due for release in April. Importantly, it is now going to be released online, so anyone in the world who…