Five things to look out for in the rest of series 12

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted trying to keep track of all the pieces of the Doctor Who Series 12 puzzle. I’ve done this post to remind myself of what to watch out for in the second half of the series, starting with tonight’s Praxeus. I hope it helps!

Pieces of the puzzle

Captain Jack – he’s delivered his message of warning and opened the door to a return, but will he get to meet Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in series 12? We aren’t expecting him to appear again (according to reports) so probably not likely.

A Cyberman (or more) – the Lone Cyberman is the big bad (or so we thought) of the series and Captain Jack warned about this solitary survivor. My guess is not until episode 8.

The Fugitive Doctor / Ruth Doctor – we seem to be converging on the label Fugitive Doctor for the new Jo Martin character who along with Jack appeared in last week’s story. Will she appear again? She must, surely, make another appearance (or more) but will it be soon? Is her arc actually cross series and does it take us to the sixtieth? My guess is she will be back, probably in the final two-parter.

The Timeless Child – and there’s this from Spyfall (doesn’t that seem like ages!) – who or what is it? Is it the Fugitive Doctor? Is it even connected? I’m thinking another clue but really only central to series 13.

The Master – when we first met Delgado in the Third Doctor‘s second series, he was everywhere. I will be very disappointed if we don’t get more from Sacha Dhawan in this series. I’m thinking maybe next week on the grounds Praxeus is really part of a two-parter. Maybe rescued at the end and then a lead into week nine?

Something else? We’ve five more episodes. River Song or Susan, anyone?

We seem to have a lot of threads. I suspect some will merge and maybe even be different sides of the same coin. I’ll keep track and see what happens!

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