Thoughts ahead of Resolution

With New Year’s Day approaching, it’s time to pen some thoughts ahead of the only episode of Doctor Who planned for 2019. Yes, another Chris Chibnall script and it’s Resolution [of the Dalek]. I want this to be good, I want this to make me readdress series 11 itself, most of all I want this to be memorable for the right reasons.

I’ve put some thoughts down in the form of a set of New Year’s resolutions; let’s see how it works…


  1. The Daleks are intrinsically evil and incapable of rehabilitation. The Dalek will be defeated no just buried again for someone else to sort out
  2. The Dalek will note the Doctor’s regeneration and maybe the gender change and be uninterested
  3. There will be other references to the Doctors past: Gallifrey, Time War, Cybermen, Sontarans, Ice Warriors, companions…
  4. There might be another surprise, perhaps someone from UNIT?
  5. Yaz will have more than a few lines and something relevant to do
  6. Graham will wonder how Daleks can climb stairs
  7. The TARDIS ‘fam’ will argue amongst themselves but pull together in the end
  8. Sheffield will once again be the centre of events
  9. The sonic will have problems
  10. We will see more of the TARDIS
  11. The Cloister Bell will ring
  12. There will be tea!

What have I missed? Let me know in the comments!

PS: I’ll be checking my list (twice) and reporting back in the New Year! Have a good one;-)

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