The Mistpuddle Murders review

The November 2018 Short Trips is Simon A Forward’s The Mistpuddle Murders. It’s a curious and entertaining tale, read by Sarah Sutton, and including the Fifth Doctor and Tegan.

It’s very much in the style of a classic English detective story, think Agatha Christie and the like with Nyssa leading the denouement over afternoon tea. So far, so good; did I mention all the accused were intelligent animals…

Welcome to Mistpuddle

The synopsis might help a little:

Welcome to Mistpuddle.

“I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve gathered you here. I’m sure you’re all wondering why the village is home to woodland creatures with a taste for tea, cakes and secrets. And I’m sure you’re all wondering where the Doctor has vanished to. The truth is not as quaint as the pretty cottages and mostly cute residents would have you believe.

Murder has come to Mistpuddle. And no-one is leaving until we uncover whodunnit.

So, the Doctor is absent and this gives Nyssa the chance to be the lead. One of the first impression from listening is how well she performs her Tegan impression and how very tongue-in-cheek the writing is. The whole thing is a joy to listen to and everything from the names of the animals to the whole setting is a delightful exercise in charm and silliness. I’ve never read any Beatrix Potter but I’m assured this story is a blend of Potter along with Christie and Doctor Who. Whatever the label (and to give details would be to spoil it) it’s a great way to spend some time over afternoon tea, and another great addition to the range.

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