Capitol guests announced

One of the major UK Doctor Who conventions returns in 2017 – it’s The Capitol, the DWAS convention, and this year it’s run with Big Finish! This means the guest list has plenty of interesting names, including Nick Briggs, Andrew Smith, Kai Owen and many more (Katy Manning, Peter Purves, Sarah Sutton, Matthew Waterhouse, Daphne Ashbrook included). No details on any Doctors (yet!) but fingers crossed. The convention is being held May 6th – 7th at the Arora Hotel, Gatwick.

Some details of the programme are emerging: Simon Guerrier will be signing copies of his new Dark Archive book, Evil of the Daleks, for example. Will you be there? I might!

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  1. Tim Bradley says:

    Hi Tony.

    I was at ‘The Capitol II’ back in May and really enjoyed the convention.

    Did you go to it in the end? If you did, I’m sorry I didn’t say ‘hello’ to you. It would have been nice to have met you in the flesh.

    Hope to see you at a ‘Doctor Who’ event soon.

    Tim. 🙂


    1. Tony Jones says:


      In the end I didn’t go, despite being in studio with Daphne a couple of days before. I was thinking about the Sunday, but realised it’s a very hard to catch up with people who are going to be in demand with fans, and I wasn’t up for driving. Glad you enjoyed it and I’ve put next year in my diary already. I’ve no event planned yet, still hoping for another Big Finish Day to come along!


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