Thoughts ahead of Husbands of River Song

Twelfth Doctor and River - Husbands of RIver SonSo, Christmas Day and the Doctor Who special. There’s been some good ones, and some not so good (OK, turkeys!), what are we due this year? Will The Husbands of River Song be a cracker of a story?

What do we know from the trailers, what does the past teach us and what do we actually want for Christmas anyhow?

Christmas with the Doctor

The Doctor is now very much part of Christmas Day. It’s pitched at families, even if many viewers may watch in other situations. My view is most people want a bit of entertainment, and this is what Husbands promises.

The trailers tell us little except for the presence of two comedians, no wafer thin hint of Clara or Ashildr and plenty of chemistry between Capaldi and Kingston. Great!

History teaches us there might be something sneaked in, either about future companions or some new great arc concept. i for one can live without that. While the special can be a place for great ideas (eg Clara the maid who dies or the Jackson Lake Next Doctor) maybe it can try less hard and stick to simplicity. That’s what I vote for, see you after broadcast!

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