Thoughts Ahead of Thin Ice

This week’s season 10 Doctor Who adventure is Thin Ice, written by Sarah Dollard, whose Face the Raven was one of the more creative episodes of season 9. I believe it to be a Nardole-light story, and it is also Bill’s first trip back into history with the Twelfth Doctor, this time Regency London 184 and the famous Frost Fair on the frozen River Thames. A delightful setting if nothing else.

Thin Ice Thoughts

I’ve seen no spoilers, just the trailer so this is all speculation. First a curious point: this story is called Thin Ice, which is also the name of a Big Finish Lost Story (and therefore a Lost Story for the Seventh Doctor). Odd that the BBC didn’t mind that, given the scrutiny Big Finish’s own work gets from the BBC. I also point out the plot of the first Companion Chronicles story, Frostfire, a wonderful title and a beautiful story for Vicki. But I digress. What can we glean from the trailer?

Well, there’s lights under the ice, a sort of whale creature, old-school diving apparatus (with lots of bubbles but no air-tanks or more of the time, air pump and tube), some great scenery and an interesting question from Bill right at the end asking the Doctor if he’s ever killed anyone. How does billions of his own people (or not) weigh?

If nothing else Sarah Dollard gave us one of the great settings from last season, so I have to admit to a moderate level of interest in how she will treat Regency London. Let’s check back after transmission!

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