Big Finish clarifies its licence for Doctor Who

New Doctor WhoTucked away on the Big Finish website is an FAQ page. Amidst all the details is an interesting section: Will Big Finish be producing plays based on the current TV series of Doctor Who?

It’s worth a read…

Until 2015, Big Finish releases were drawn from the worlds of ‘Classic’ Doctor Who, featuring the first eight Doctors and their companions. This restriction has now been lifted, and we have a number of projects in development based around the ‘New’ series.

They list the various titles revealed so far, and end with:

And there are more releases to come!

Lower down they talk Time War and mention the War Doctor. Then a section on the Twelfth Doctor:

Our licence to produce content based on Doctor Who includes storylines and characters up to and including Matt Smith’s final appearance in The Time of the Doctor. Therefore, we are unfortunately not able to invite Peter to appear as the Twelfth Doctor at the present time

That’s pretty clear then!

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