Other views on Under the Lake

The cast of Under the LakeI reviewed Under the Lake here. In wandering around I have read several other reviews, most of which were quite positive, such as colleague Rob Smedley’s review on CultBox. I did also spot the Radio Times were less positive: my claptrap-o-meter is pinging towards the danger zoneA bit harsh but a good read.

Patrick Mulkern, who wrote the review, spots a number of resonances with other stories beyond the one I mentioned. Not only that, but he knows his stuff when he talks about base under siege and the film The Thing From Another World. I mention this as, in my book Opening the Creativity Diamond (you did know I write books, didn’t you?) I have a whole section on base under siege, and I go into the use of the idea in various guises (including said film reference) and talk about its relevance to Doctor Who.

I may not entirely agree with Patrick’s review, but he knows his stuff!


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