The Perfect Prisoners Part One review

The 2019 eighth series of Fourth Doctor adventures continues apace with The Perfect Prisoners Part One. If you haven’t listened yet, go away now. I won’t reveal everything but I will say John Dorney has really delivered on this. Spoilers follow…

Perfect Prisoners

The Fourth Doctor, Ann Kelso and K9 start at the end of a story (so to speak) with an encounter involving robot killing machines (no match for the Doctor and K9) and another of the Syndicate causing trouble for Ann. By the time everything is resolved the Syndicate are down another member, making this set of stories more bloody than normal. The Doctor is also getting unsettled at having to be so linear and methodical and there is tension between Ann’s police discipline and the Doctor’s nature.

Investigation takes them to another world and Ann flies the TARDIS based on observation of the Doctor. To say the Doctor is miffed is an understatement.

They investigate a new mind-controlling machine capable of making wearers see the world of your dreams rather than reality. It’s a threat and needs closing down, something Space Police don’t seem to want to assist in despite the Doctor approaching for help.

As the foreground story progresses, we get more and more of the Syndicate and the layers of deception and treachery at play. We learn also of more connections to The Daleks Masterplan. By the time this plot has been foiled, there will be more death and more surprises.

It’s all very exciting and add a major reveal at the end and it will need iron discipline not to listen to the next part immediately!

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