Is the Big Finish forum ‘No More’?

War Doctor No MoreAs Big Finish fans went to post their thoughts on Big Finish Day 7 or The Magician’s Apprentice last Saturday, we were astonished to find the forum closed. Today it is open but read only; the signs are not good. If you miss the forum you might like to know you are not alone…

The message from Ian Atkins is as follows:

We are sorry to announce that the Big Finish forum is indefinitely suspended with immediate effect. The increasing demands on our time both in urgent moderation and countering extensive spam attacks are frequently exceeding our resources and good will, and at a time when other social media platforms now prove not only considerably larger, but far less open to attack, we have taken this decision.

For those wishing to continue following Big Finish news, updates and releases, you’re recommended tosubscribe to a Newsletter sent out regularly with news and exclusive free offers, and of course there’s always the Big Finish news page and podcasts

Alternatively, seek us out on any of:
You Tube

For the moment this forum has been turned to a read-only mode for archive/information purposes. New posts are not possible.

The timing is unfortunate, indeed if this was planned it could have been mentioned on Slough during the day. We can only take it on face value.

Some people are connecting on twitter (I have several new followers today for both @helmstone and @r3whovian) and there is a FaceBook group / page: The Zero Room. If you want to stay in touch with people on the forum, do have a look. Some of us are debating the merits of starting our own forum. Do give your opinions and if you have experience of running a forum we’d also like to hear.

It may be Big Finish gives us an update, but until we hear we are assuming the forum is No More.

10 thoughts on “Is the Big Finish forum ‘No More’?

  1. Definitely voting for a forum. Unfortunately no social media platform is going to encompass everyone and the forum is really the best place for in depth discussion.


  2. Happy to help as I am an IT Professional, but like the sentiments it does take commitment, and also world wide admins, lets hope people see my retweet, and yours, have sent a couple of email’s to Ian @ bigfinish hoping he might pickup on this. Here is hoping.


  3. I would want a forum, I’m not one for Facebook or Twitter despite having accounts with both.

    I have moderated forums in the past, and would be willing to make a donation towards the running costs of a forum.


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