Notes from Big Finish Day 7 aka #bfd7

Big Finish Day 7 PanelThese are the notes I took during the Big Finish Panel at Big Finish Day 7 in Slough. They may well contain mistakes or omissions, so do feel free to let me know any corrections! The panel consisted (as usual) of Jason Haigh-Ellery, David Richardson and Nick Briggs (as per the picture)

We had three trailers:

  • The Prisoner: I liked the snatch of music, didn’t recognise any of the attacks, and have no idea who is Number Six
  • The Doom Coalition: The Seventh Doctor has a cameo!
  • UNIT – Extinction: sounds big and bold, plenty of action.

With the new series characters (particularly for UNIT) there will be no immediate focus on older Big Finish continuity, so no imminent return for Klein, Will Arrowsmith or any Big Finish UNIT characters.

The Big Finish App development continues: no dates but feedback has been listened to.

Main range subscription is fading; it will remain but the move will be towards subscriptions focussed by Doctor. No precise details as to what or when but it will happen.

There are more [new series?] announcements to come! A Blake’s 7 announcement is coming soon as well as something about Bernice! The audience suggested a Clara Oswald boxset now she has left the show, this brought several smiles and cries of Just Imagine.

They would love to do The Champions, Quatermass is still nowhere near;-(

The new Counter Measures will answer questions about the overlap with UNIT continuity;-)

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