Remembering the Whomobile

One of the many things the Third Doctor introduced to Doctor Who was his own transport, (TARDIS excepted). He may have reversed polarity, sung lullabies and excelled in aikido, but who can forget Bessie and the Whomobile? To help mark my Third Doctor themed March, I’ve collected together a couple of pieces on these remarkable vehicles. Enjoy!

Bessie and the Whomobile

First up is a slightly contrived Top Gear link to both Bessie and the Whomobile. Apart from the contrivance, it has a good set of stills of the cars and a clip from when Peter Purves and Jon Pertwee discussed the Whomobile on Blue Peter. There’s even a quick appearance of Katy Manning from a well-known photoshoot near the end;-) You can find it here: Doctor Who Meets Top Gear.

Deep in the neglected BBC Archive (and there’s loads of good stuff growing mouldy here and there) is a piece on how the Whomobile was created and what happened to it: The man behind Doctor Who’s car. It’s a curiosity also as it was written just before the show returned in 2005.

I’m sure there’s more out there, do let me know!

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