Dr Who and the PodCasters

I’m not huge on podcasts, but I thought I’d plug a new one, due to commence January 2020. It’s from Paul Morris (and also Tim Burrows) and might well be worth a listen (or two). So far the only information I have is on FaceBook at the Dr. Who and the PodCasters page.


If you’re not a big user of FaceBook, here’s the detail so far:

WELCOME! Well this is jolly exciting. Paul Morris (Big Finish writer of Doctor Who, Jago & Lightfoot, The Avengers, The Scarifyers, podcaster on Something Who and The Doctor Who Grumpcast, denizen of The Fitzroy Tavern and convention goer extraordinaire) and Tim Burrows (nothing of note) are going to be producing a new monthly Doctor Who podcast from January. We’ll have a different theme every month and we have a cracking line-up of guest contributors carefully T-matted in from their own patch of the Doctor Who Universe. For episode one we’ll be going right back to the beginning (almost) and looking at the Season 1 historicals and specifically lamenting the loss of that most important of stories: Marco Polo. Watch this space for updates – we’ll announce the first guest soon. We’d better crack on with the writing!

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