Dr Who and the PodCasters

I’m not huge on podcasts, but I thought I’d plug a new one, due to commence January 2020. It’s from Paul Morris (and also Tim Burrows) and might well be worth a listen (or two). So far the only information I have is on FaceBook at the Dr. Who and the PodCasters page. Detail If…

The Review of Death podcast

I never find much time to listen to podcasts (too busy listening to Big Finish!) but I thought I’d give a shout out to The Review of Death podcast, available on YouTube. I happened to hear a live podcast recently at the We Are Cult: Bristol Meet, and was impressed by how they balanced their…

R3 Podcast #3: The Kandyman

To mark its long overdue return in the Eighth Doctor boxset The Ravenous, here a few words about The Kandy Man! Much maligned, is he really a comic failure or just misunderstood? Let me know what you think in the comments! *** Message Ends ***  

R3 Podcast #2: The Best Doctor

Time again for the Red Rocket Rising podcast! This time I tackle the thorny issue of just who is the best Doctor! As usual, let me know what you think in the comments! *** Message Ends ***

The ranging of the Big Finish podcasts

With apologies for the nouning of the the word range (and the verbism of noun;-), here’s a quick mention of a change to the Big Finish podcasts. As of podcast 1737 (in which Pamela Salem talks Counter Measures, a group of podcasts now appears as its own Big Finish podcast range when you view your account. Why…

The Return of the Big Finish podcast

A nice treat for March 1st was the full regenerated Big Finish podcast! This edition is 45 minutes, packed with trailers, chat and fun. There’s exclusive news and the promise of future competitions. If you’ve not listened recently, why not give it a whirl?! <<< Message Ends >>>

The Big Finish Podcast is back!

After six months (no it didn’t seem that long) the Big Finish podcast is back! Joseph Smith and Nick Briggs have managed some time for a trailer (new UNIT series), competition results from February, a new competition and listener’s letter. There is also the promise of more regular podcasting soon! Have a listen: THE BIG FINISH…

Verity! Podcast Episode 52

Just a quick plug for the Verity! podcast as in episode 52 (Listen to your heart(s)) they mention this blog! The reference is someway down under Tansy [Rayner Roberts] has a link to Elliot Chapman cast as Ben. Thanks Tansy! 

Podcast Delights

In case you don’t check the Big Finish website regularly (and shame on you) you need to take a look at the podcasts where we are currently being treated to complete copies of stories originally given away with Dr Who Magazine. So we have had (in order) the Eighth Doctor in Living Legend, the Fifth Doctor in Cuddlesome and…