The ranging of the Big Finish podcasts

With apologies for the nouning of the the word range (and the verbism of noun;-), here’s a quick mention of a change to the Big Finish podcasts. As of podcast 1737 (in which Pamela Salem talks Counter Measures, a group of podcasts now appears as its own Big Finish podcast range when you view your account.

Why is this relevant? I hear you think (isn’t the internet wonderful;-) Read on…

Big Finish podcast range

As you may well have spotted, being a range means it is visible from the Big Finish app. This means you can now download podcasts on the move and listen to them with the same app used for listening to releases! It’s not been formally announced, and I have no idea if it will be permanent, nor if older podcasts will be made available, but it’s a good move. Now to solve the problem of downloading the Subscriber Short Trips and other oddities!

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