Other views on Kill the Moon

Twelfth Doctor and Lundvik in Kill the Moon

I’m not sure about this, are you Hermione?

Just to show the full range of views on Kill the Moon I’ve collected a spread of opinions here. As you might expect they overlap with my own views though add to them by taking different directions.

First up is Paul Cornell’s FIVE BRILLIANT THINGS ABOUT DOCTOR WHO – SERIES 8 EPISODE SEVEN, KILL THE MOONCredit to Paul here – he leads with the dodgy science, makes good use of the word numinous though seems to have forgotten about the episode Blink (his point 4). You can rely on Paul to find the strengths.

The Independent focusses on the darkness of the Capaldi characterisation in Doctor Who, Kill the Moon review: Peter Capaldi is far darker than Matt Smith and David Tennant and broadly liked it.

The Verge also joins in with a more negative review than even mine own: How the Grinch stole ‘Doctor Who’ in one of the worst episodes this seasonI do think this was a poor episode but I do also like the total alienation of the Doctor in terms of his relationship with Clara (and everyone else).

I must do a piece comparing the Capaldi Doctor to Colin Baker’s Doctor in terms of offending viewers by being different and even unpleasant.

Until next week…

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