How to get all The Doctors in the anniversary

I may not have mentioned it before but apart from this blog I also contribute to (as well as Starburst Magazine). I just posted a fun piece on the former discussing how we might see all The Doctors in the anniversary episode this year.

Why not pop across to my post on WhatCulture and have a look? Do tell me what you think!

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4 thoughts on “How to get all The Doctors in the anniversary

  1. Nice post – thanks for the link! My theory has been that they might plonk Matt Smith into Spearhead From Space, ‘Trials and Tribbleations’-style. It’s the only HD-quality story from the classic era and it would be a nice tie back to the first story of New Series.


    • That’s a good theory I hadn’t thought of. I did hate Trials and Tribbleations and also Trouble with Tribbles for reasons too boring to go into here!

      BTW – glad you clicked through, I am juggling my best content with trying to get a brand going on Starburst and What Culture. It’s a challenge!


      • It might also be a good way to push some relatively new Blu Ray copies of Spearhead from Space. 😉

        I enjoyed reading your ideas about the anniversary and look forward to seeing more of your work on those sites!


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