2013 – the year of the Ice Warriors?

Having enjoyed the Christmas Special The Snowmen, we now set our sights on the rest of the current season (to appear from April 26th I gather) and the emerging rumours. The one I am most pleased with is that the Mark Gatiss story set on a submarine (to be called The Cold War) will feature the Ice Warriors. This is cited in several places if you search around so I am pretty confident that this might be happening.

In any event I need to make a case for the Ice Warriors who I feel have been short-changed by the Classic series and are overdue another chance at impress.

Ice Warriors in the Classic Series

They were introduced in the Second Doctor stories The Ice Warriors and The Seeds of Death in which they were presented as yet another alien monster. A couple of cameos in The War Games and The MInd of Evil before they appear as good guys in the Third Doctor stories The Curse of Peladon and The Monster of Peladon.

And that’s it!

Ice Warriors elsewhere

Big Finish have given the Ice Warriors more opportunity with several main range, Lost Stories and other releases including Judgement of Isskar in the Key2Time Trilogy and also in Deimos / Resurrection of Mars  in the fourth series of Eight Doctor Adventures.

My thoughts on the Ice Warriors

I suspect that most people of a certain age if they had been asked in 2005 to name classic monsters to appear in nu-Who would have quickly named the Daleks and Cybermen. These are both First Doctor monsters. For me their are two Second Doctor favourites – The Great Intelligence / Yeti and the Ice Warriors. We have (as of The Snowmen) had three of these.

Meanwhile we have had the Autons and the Silurians both back and no sign of our Martian monsters the Ice Warriors.

My suspicion as that the Ice Warriors never had fair treatment; they are poorly realised in the Classic series in that they are just like a poor-man’s Cybermen. The first story The Ice Warriors is just the Tenth Planet with a new alien. They have a nice line in sonic technology but that is it. The nobility of the race is lost.

Seeds of Death is not unlike The Moonbase and is also one of the weaker stories in my view.

We then get nothing until a re-invented Ice Warriors is returned in the two Peladon stories. From that point nothing – they are condemned to the dustbin of history.

Big Finish (and the recent Dan Abnett story Silent Stars go by) have fleshed out Ice Warrior history and given us some conext for their behaviour. We need more though.

Final thoughts

I am very pleased that the Ice Warriors may return and hope that they (like the Silurians) are more two-dimensional than they have been.

What do you think? Are you intigured at the possibility or does it leave you cold? Let me know!


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