What did the Radio Times make of the Eighth Doctor?

If the magazine went out all guns blazing in 1996 (eg the 16-page souvenir, cover left), the actual review of the single full-length Eighth Doctor TV story is less enthusiastic. Doctor Who (The Movie) as we are to call it has its problems, but like Radio Times reviewer Mark Braxton I also found it much…

The Radio Times on the Sixth Doctor

I start my month of Sixth Doctor content with a trawl of the Radio Times reviews. Fans of a nervous disposition should look away now. It’s not pleasant, in fact it’s a horror show. Thankfully Big Finish has shown us the way and Sixie is now much-loved and respected. Meanwhile, back at the Radio Times…

Considering the Fifth Doctor with the Radio Times

After the prolific and prolonged Fourth Doctor era, Peter Davison’s stint as the Fifth Doctor perhaps failed to hit the heights of previous incarnations. If you’re a modern Doctor Who fan you may not have much idea of the Fifth Doctor so why not pop over to DoctorWhoTV for a quick introduction.

Everything Second Doctor (BBC Stories)

I’d just like to use this post to point to some good resources for the BBC Second Doctor stories, in other words not anything produced since Patrick Troughton left the show in 1969, or seasons 4-6. Sometimes it’s not worth duplicating what others have done!

Time Dilation 101

Thanks to Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula, we have a view on the time dilation as presented in World Enough and Time. Bottom line is yes, it’s not ridiculous (though the material stresses aren’t discussed), but Simon also mentions some other aspects of the situation worth reading. It’s a post on the Radio Times site: The mind-blowing real…