What did the Radio Times make of the Eighth Doctor?

If the magazine went out all guns blazing in 1996 (eg the 16-page souvenir, cover left), the actual review of the single full-length Eighth Doctor TV story is less enthusiastic. Doctor Who (The Movie) as we are to call it has its problems, but like Radio Times reviewer Mark Braxton I also found it much better than I remembered on re-watch.

What is also interesting is browsing round the extras on the Radio Times site, and getting some sense of the excitement at the time. I have to admit to being ambivalent beforehand, and certainly never bought anything at the time. Fool that I am! (Note, I’ve seen this at £30 online – I won’t be rushing!)

Did you watch The Movie at the time? Did your impression change when the Doctor finally returned for real? Let me know!

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