Counter Measures: The Movellan Manoeuvre review

We’ve been told (not for the first time) to expect no more Counter Measures after the current pair of stories. With that in mind, I’m taking them at a leisurely pace — when it launched this was a personal favourite and I’m disappointed to see it go. If it does! So, John Dorney starts us…

More Counter Measures and other Big Finish Day 2019 news

The main news from Big Finish Day 2019 seems to be an extension to the (presumed defunct) Counter Measures range. Two titles have been announced: The Movellan Manoeuvre by John Dorney, and The Dalek Gambit by Roland Moore. They are single disc releases, available May & June 2020.

The Movellan Grave review

I reviewed the excellent Andrew Smith story The Movellan Grave over on CultBox (and yes that’s Andrew and the story both being excellent!). It’s a great Fourth Doctor and Romana story featuring, guess who, the Movellans! Read it here: Doctor Who: The Movellan Grave review (Big Finish Audio). /// Message Ends \\\

More Movellans!

If you want more Movellans following their brief appearance in The Pilot, pop across to the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Adventures range. July 2017 brings The Movellan Grave by Andrew Smith. Can’t wait! *** Message Ends ***

Series 10 clues from the Radio Times

The Radio Times has posted a Stuart Manning picture full of clues to series 10 (left is a portion of the whole), and you can compare your thoughts with theirs: We have 13 new clues for Doctor Who series 10 – can you solve them? In the midst of this is proof (or as good as it gets) of…