Jago & Litefoot & Strax – The Haunting reviewed

We’ve had the first all-new modern-Who series from Big Finish (UNIT-Extinction), now we get the first crossover from modern to old with Justin Richards’s tale Jago & Litefoot & Strax – The Haunting. This means the regular Jago & Litefoot crew (including Ellie and Inspector Quick) get to meet the well-dressed if strange-looking Mr Strax. Strax…

Jago & Litefoot Series 10 reviewed

I’ve already reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 10 on Cultbox; this is a more extensive review that goes deeper into the stories and has a bit more in the way of spoilers. Series 9 gave our heroes a sea trip to remember and introduced the character of Dr Betterman (David Warner). What treats are in store…

Jago & Litefoot 10 reviewed on Cultbox

Here’s my Cultbox review of Jago & Litefoot 10: ‘Jago and Litefoot’ Season 10 audio box set review: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off. A local review will follow. === Message Ends ===

Jago, Litefoot and Strax

It may not be the full Paternoster Gang, but we can’t complain. Big Finish has announced Jago & Litefoot & Strax. An idea so obvious I didn’t think of it. Dan Starkey is a very familiar figure in Big Finish releases and fans have been clamouring to have the Paternoster Gang meet up with Jago & Litefoot….

R3 guide to Jago and Litefoot

With a spot weekend sale on Jago and Litefoot, what better time to collect together all my reviews in another Red Rocket Rising guide? And if you want the sale (May 29 – 31 2015) check: JAGO & LITEFOOT – WEEKEND OFFERS! I have updated November 2019 for the latest weekend sale. Without further procrastination, here is the R3 Guide…

Jago & Litefoot meet Jago & Litefoot

In a month packed with news (or so it seems) we now have details of Jago & Litefoot Series 10 – yes the tenth series for the infernal investigators. Corks! As promised in the Series 9 extras, David Warner will be joiner Messrs Baxter and Benjamin, but there’s more; much more. Back in Blighty means more…

Jago & Litefoot series 9 reviewed

I reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 9 for Kasterborous (see here) and thought I’d follow up with my more usual, in-depth take on the stories and the set as a whole. There are a couple of spoilers but I leave plenty of the plot unexplored, focussing on the greater narrative arc of the characters. This may…

Jago & Litefoot series 9 reviewed on Kasterborous

I’ve reviewed Jago & Litefoot series 9 on Kasterborous. I will follow up with a longer, more spoilery review here at some point (I have a backlog!). The review is: REVIEWED: JAGO & LITEFOOT SERIES 9. -+- Message Ends -+-

Farewell Sixie – The Last Adventure

As announced on the Big Finish website this week, and in the latest DWM, Big Finish is killing of the Sixth Doctor! Fortunately, being Big Finish, this doesn’t mean the last of Colin Baker! September 2015 will see a lavish boxset (and Colin’s first) as the Doctor and several companions tackle the Valeyard in a set of…

General notes from Big Finish Day 6

Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Jason Haigh-Ellery took time to give some updates on business and take questions. These are my notes from that session and a couple of other bits. Apologies for the random nature – enjoy!

Big Finish makes the long list for 2015 BBC Audio Drama Awards

After the success of Dark Eyes in 2014, Big Finish has several pieces of work nominated for the long list in the BBC Audio 2015 awards. The short list will be revealed Tuesday January 6th, 2015 with the ceremony itself scheduled for Sunday February 1st 2015.