Does New Year bring the Resolution… of the Dalek?

Lots of fandom are assuming Resolution will bring a Dalek into play. I’m not so sure, though I very much want it to happen. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 for Chris Chibnall: damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. I’ll explain my thoughts…

Rob Shearman talks with OU Who Soc

Many thanks to OU Doctor Who Society who let me attend a recent meeting where Rob Shearman was giving a talk. Apologies to Rob for the picture – it’s the best of the few I managed with my phone! If you ever get the chance to hear Rob talk, do take it — he’s very unassuming, has…

Dalek discount in Cardiff

If you find yourself in or around the Roath Park area of Cardiff, you might want to pop into the Field of Beans café and claim a 5% discount on a coffee. The snag? You have to order in a Dalek voice!

Plymouth vicar makes own Dalek

No, absolutely serious. A vicar in Plymouth has made a Dalek costume and uses it in church and other occasions The details are on the ITV website: Meet the Plymouth vicar who’s built his own Dalek. Enjoy! +<+ Message Ends +>+