Celestial Toyroom 502 now out

Members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) should now be getting their copies of the society’s Celestial Toyroom 502. Plenty of great articles (Black Archive interview, Why Class Failed, Chris Chapman interview) and some very upbeat fan letters about Spyfall Pt 1. Keep an eye on your letterbox! ^^^ Message Ends ^^^

Warzone / Conversion review

The two stories Warzone and Conversion conclude a Fifth Doctor trilogy that introduced new companion Marc in Tartarus. Like October’s Interstitial / Feast of Fear it’s a pair of two-part stories, though in this case more tightly coupled. We also have two writers more familiar to Big Finish listeners. The cover gives away a lot…

UNIT Revisitations review on CultBox

I enjoyed UNIT:Revisitations, even with some reservations about the fourth story. Overall a good set with a terrific Wirrn two-parter (well done Chris Chapman). My review is here: UNIT Revisitations review. *** Message Ends ***

The Middle review

The November 2018 Big Finish main range release was The Middle, by Chris Chapman. It’s about age, and birthdays and makes some interesting points about society while never failing to entertain. At first it seems to be a riff on the classic story of Logan’s Run, but it’s something rather different of its own. Let’s chat…

The Memory Bank announced

A May Bank Holiday news piece gives details of the October release in the Big Finish Doctor Who main range. Full information on the Big Finish website: DOCTOR WHO: THE MEMORY BANK AND OTHER STORIES. This means we’ve had five Peter Davison Fifth Doctor boxsets in 2016, and we get a somewhat overdue set of stories for the Doctor and Turlough.