The Pure Historical Blog

A quick mention for the Joshua N Stevens blog Pure Historical. As the name suggests, it’s a blog dedicated to the idea of exploring world history through Doctor Who. It’s a different idea and if you’re interested in some more serious essays, why not take a look? Joshua is also trying to crowdfund his costs (maybe I…

A selection of thoughts on Smile

Over on The Doctor Who Companion site, a group of us put together a set of short reviews on Smile. As you’ll see I was the only one less than effusive! The link is: HERE’S WHAT THE DOCTOR WHO COMPANION THOUGHT OF SMILE!  /// Message Ends \\\

A Brief History of Time (Travel)

I found a superb Doctor Who site I thought I’d share in case (like I was) you are unaware of it. It’s called A Brief History of Time (Travel) and is by Shannon Patrick Sullivan.


Blog-rolling In case you haven’t been peeking at the right hand side of this blog I thought I would mention some of the recent entries to my blog-roll list. I will let you make up your own minds as to the merits of each creator’s work but I would just like to suggest that if…