Other views on Ascension of the Cybermen

I have to say many of the mainstream reviewers are not only positive about Ascension of the Cybermen, but unequivocally so. I do wonder how many have seen the finale! There’s some good ideas in some of them and heaps of praise (update 26 Feb – except for one). Are you ready? Let’s dive in…

Ascension of the Cybermen reviews

I like to start with the Radio Times. In their 4* review Chris Chibnall gets plenty of praise for boldness, Biblical vibe and cliffhanger: Doctor Who Ascension of the Cybermen review: brutal, tense, biblical, Chris Chibnall’s finale opener is nudging up among the best Cyber-tales.

The Independent also gave 4* in their analysis: Doctor Who review, Ascension of the Cybermen: An expansive, ambitious and absurd episode. They’ve lots to say about the Irish dimension, in particular the jigsaw-puzzle box land of the Garda.

DenofGeek do a great job of tying the story into the show’s Cybermen history: Doctor Who series 12 episode 9 review: Ascension Of The Cybermen. They also have some great ideas about who Brendan is and what’s happening in Ireland (if it is Ireland).

Finally, hats off to the Metro. In their 4.5* Doctor Who series 12 episode 9 review: Ascension of the Cyberman is the show at its best and most ambitious they had nothing but praise.

Then on 26 Feb I read the Simon Danes review for the Doctor Who Companion: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO – ASCENSION OF THE CYBERMEN. Highly critical and blunt in its conclusions. A very polarised discussion arising in the comments.

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