Other views on Can You Hear Me?

I felt the latest Doctor Who story Can You Hear Me? had potential but failed to deliver. I’ve collected together some other views, and I have to say they do find fault with this story yet also feel it had strengths. You decided which has it right, if any.

Can You Hear Me?

First (as always) the Radio Times: Doctor Who Can You Hear Me? review: the stuff of nightmares fleshes out the companions and looks superb – but the mystery needs too much explaining. The title tells you a lot, and they gave it 3*. Over on Den of Geek Doctor Who series 12 episode 7 review: Can You Hear Me? They also complain about exposition and like me feel the story needed to be longer to work. Great minds!

Doctor Who TV (as you might expect) was more upbeat: “CAN YOU HEAR ME?” REVIEW – WORTH A SECOND WATCH. Slashfilm on the other hand were blunt in their summary: ‘Doctor Who’ is Dreaming of a Better Episode to Tackle Mental Health Than “Can You Hear Me?”

I come away more convinced the show has structural failures: episode length and number of companions being at odds with the insular approach to story writing.

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