Collected views on Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

The Doctor looks in horror at the overnight ratings…

My sense is reviewers mostly liked the latest series 12 Doctor Who story Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror at least among the places I look. I don’t look specifically for any view, and it’s just a small sample. The BBC has also put up more material in the gallery (hence the newer pic!)

Not so much a night of terror

The Radio Times continues to be relentlessly upbeat, awarding 4* in Doctor Who Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror review: a delightful tale avoids bathos as scientists unite to fend off an attack of giant scorpions. If nothing else it wins the award for review title length!

The Doctor Who Companion liked it, as did Starburst. The independent also enjoyed it but sounded a note of caution: Doctor Who review – Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror: A lot of fun, but unlikely to beat Dancing on Ice in the ratings war.

I also like the SlashFilm piece and it also points out the episode mostly took place in daylight: Glory to the Holy Wi-Fi Originator Nikola Tesla for an Electrifying Episode of ‘Doctor Who’.

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