What is Graham doing with the Key to Time in Orphan 55?

As we recover from the twists of Spyfall 2, Chris Chibnall [I assume] continues his weaving of ideas old and new in the Ed Hime story Orphan 55. The BBC has released a new batch of pictures and the one on the left is worth discussion. Lots of discussion. Is that the Key To Time I see before me?

Surely not…

What is happening in Orphan 55

OK. I might be exaggerating. The cube seems to have Gallifreyan script and is far more likely to be a Time Lord psychic cube. This raises a new question though – who it is from? Susan (I have at least two Susan rumours every series), River Song, another incarnation, the Corsair, the Monk or even Rassilon? Maybe it’s just the Master winding the Thirteenth Doctor up?

Already lots to think about and that’s without thinking about the possible plot of Orphan 55!

What do you think? What was your reaction? Am I the only one who thought Key To Time? And why wasn’t that used in the Time War?

Thoughts please embedded in a standard issue psychic cube, or failing that the comments!

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