Thoughts ahead of Spyfall Pt 2

Only a couple of hours until Spyfall Part 2 when we learn how the companions escape certain death (there’s a TARDIS flying alongside for example), what the lies are the Doctor believes and whether the light aliens are some kind of Master influenced mutant Cybermen. My thoughts below…

Spyfall part 2

I can’t see any main companion dying, and the Sacha Dahwan Master dying again to regenerate would be a weird, unlikely idea. I don’t even know why I thought it! Might Yaz leave the TARDIS after getting tetchy (is this Yaz or a copy?) and even travel with the Master?

Realistically I suspect Lenny Henry’s Daniel Barton has more to give. There will be another surprise even if not of the scale of the last. The Doctor’s TARDIS is stuck somewhere outside a villa (unless it’s been collected and is back inside the Master’s again).

I do hope Graham gets a little more to do and gets a chance to grab some of the secret files on the Doctor or even the first editions of the Fortean Times!

Also does Graham not pay attention when Stephen Fry thought the Doctor was him and not female? He still didn’t believe it until told again in the outback!

I think the Bond theme might have finished (perhaps the gadget shoes save the companions in the crashing plane?) and the Doctor has most to experience. Just what is this strange forest? Just what are the aliens really up to?

It’ll get tidied up, the Master will sneak off in a newly restyled TARDIS and we get a teaser for next week’s sci fi episode. Not long before we find out!

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