Captain Jack 2.1: Piece of Mind review

The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 2 is only three adventures long (the first was four) but if the other two are as good as James Goss’s opener, Piece of Mind, we are in for a treat. Not only is John Barrowman back as Jack Harkness, but in this story we also have the welcome presence of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor. Unfortunately the story starts with the Doctor’s demise…

Piece of Mind

We get the most minimal of setup on the product page:

When the Sixth Doctor falls dying into his arms, Jack must carry on in his place. Is the universe ready for a whole new kind of Doctor?

Jack takes over as the Doctor and tries to resolve (as only he can) an invasion. The story blends little bits of Wizard of Oz with a wedding, a certain Bernard Garibaldi and even the Doctor needs a bit of help to defeat this latest foe.

While this story is packed with James’s trademark humour, it also gives John a chance to flex his acting muscles as he channels Colin’s Doctor whilst also taking an unexpected interest in sofas.

There’s a huge amount to enjoy, a plot which, if simple, has more than enough to allow the cast to enjoy themselves to the greatest possible extent.

Of course it all ends (just about) well and invasions are defeated, lessons are learned and fans are entertained. Do we need any more? I think not!

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