Critics’ (spoiler free) assessment of Jodie Whittaker’s debut

Thanks to the BBC, we have reports of a (and it could be selective) broadly positive response to the preview of The Woman Who Fell to Earth. The BBC piece is: Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who: What do the critics think?
I remain broadly positive and comments on could be even better are fine for me, remember the first few RTD stories? Not perfect but a great calling card. There’s lot’s more to chew over…

Unpicking the critics

I spot a lot of praise for the new look and feel and not one person bothered about the gender change. Most intriguing are the notes on Chris Chibnall really not paying a lot of tribute to the show’s roots. My view is this will come in his next series, but like Moffat before him, he wants to be his own person and make his own mark on the show. Things may not get broken, but canon (whatever that is!) may be going in a new direction!

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