New Adventures for the Seventh Doctor

As part of its celebration of twenty years of Doctor Who at Big Finish, there will be sets of special releases focussed on each Doctor. First up is Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor in a set of New Adventures releases (or New New Adventures!). This sees the return of Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej as well. It will be released November 2018, and is marked as Volume 1!

Details of the Seventh Doctor’s New New Adventures

The Virgin Books’ New Adventures of Doctor Who took the reigns of Doctor Who after the television series finished after its 26th season back in 1989. The novels took a darker, deeper approach to Doctor Who, using longer storylines and ideas that wouldn’t have made it to the television screen.

This new box set includes four stories:

  1. The Trial of a Time Machine by Andy Lane
  2. Vanguard by Steve Jordan
  3. The Jabari Countdown by Alan Flanagan
  4. The Dread of Night by Tim Foley

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