Thoughts ahead of Knock Knock

Tonight (as I write in the UK), it’s the turn of Mike Bartlett’s story Knock Knock as the Doctor and Bill deal with a spooky house. I’ve seen the trailer, read a bit but avoided spoilers. I’d like to be objective, but reviewers can struggle with that. Instinct tells me this will be enjoyable, even if I don’t know why I think that. What I do think is…

Knock Knock thoughts

I keep wanting to put an exclamation mark at the end of the title, and my brain keeps saying Who’s there? as I write. Of course the who could just be the Doctor, but no doubt the weird wood warping insect thingies will play a part in a big reveal. David Suchet is a versatile actor, Mike Bartlett is new to Doctor Who, but has recent success with the critically acclaimed, popular Doctor Foster. He’s also a fan as the existence of a deleted scene referencing Harry Sullivan demonstrates.

We’re promised an immersive 3D sound mix — I wonder why this episode in particular? Is it to have things scurrying all around us when we listen on headphones? How will it sound otherwise?

Mostly what I like is the intimacy of the setting. It’s a bit base under seige, but as long as the fate of the whole of humanity / the galaxy / the web of time aren’t at risk I’m happy. I find it easier to empathise with a small number of characters under a tangible threat than ‘and this device can erase the whole of history’.

Anyway, only six hours to go! Catch you after the show!

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