Mike Tucker’s Crawling Terror reviewed on Starburst

the crawling terrorI reviewed Mike Tucker’s new Twelfth Doctor novel The Crawling Terror for Starburst. This is a well written book with plenty of stock ingredients supporting tons of action. The review is: THE CRAWLING TERROR (DOCTOR WHO).

Do let me know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Mike Tucker’s Crawling Terror reviewed on Starburst

  1. I haven’t read it yet, but I glanced at it long enough to be disappointed that the titular crawler is…another spider, not Nyarlathotep. Besides liking his convoluted battles with the Great Old Ones, I’ve been hooked on the idea since #7 said of the aforementioned, “whom I hope never to meet”.

    A lack of coordination here? I mean, it has to happen just before or just after “Kill the Moon”. How could neither have a reference to, “We’re meeting a lot of big spiders lately”. And did his new set of regenerations include losing his fear of spiders?


    • I suspect these titles are all commissioned way in advance before the series stories are firmed up. But yet the lack of cross-link is a bit irritating. This story is set earlier in the regeneration than Kill the Moon (this 12th Doctor hasn’t met Danny yet). Maybe it’s been quite some time?


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