General reaction to The Caretaker

doctor who caretakerThe usual mixed reaction to The Caretaker and a range from ‘it was fantastic’ to ‘a bit dull’. I’ve gathered together a few for comparison purposes. I’ve re-watched the last portion and still enjoyed it but haven’t put it on the list of best stories ever. Meanwhile, the rest of the world had this to say…

Other points of view

JR Southall’s review on Starburst covers much of the same ground as mine though with a different focus – I don’t agree with his overall score even after a second viewing.

Paul Cornell keeps up his succinct blogging on each episode over on the Tor Books blog with Five Brilliant Things… I’m not convinced on the need for the new character of Courtney (Paul’s point 5) but his second point is very well made.

For balance I’ve included the Independent newspaper whose view can be gleaned from the title: Bland Earth-based adventure fails to exciteIf I wanted to be sarcastic I could change adventure to newspaper and leave the reader to their own conclusions! This is a brief review and manages to less than Paul did over more space!

What did you think? Do we all try to read too much into every nuance? Can’t it just entertain sometimes? Let me know!

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