Thoughts ahead of Kill the Moon

Hermione Norris Kill the MoonThis week’s episode, Kill the Moon, has been much compared with Waters of Mars – see the CultBox spoiler free review for example. I get that but I also get elements of the Gerry Andersen show Space: 1999. In terms of Doctor Who I also feel that this has the chance to be like another episode…

I’m actually thinking of Fires of Pompeii for two reasons:

  1. This was also about fixed events in history
  2. This also had Peter Capaldi in it!

I think it’s getting near the time when we start getting clues about why the new Doctor’s face is familiar!

The cast also has Danny Pink and Courtney (the teen from The Caretaker) listed – they don’t feature in the advertising so far leading me to think Danny, at least, will make only a token appearance and be more prominent later.

The writer, Peter Harness, is new to Doctor Who though has a CV littered with impact television. I suspect this might be a cracker of an episode!

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