Torchwood: The Victorian Age

Torchwood cardiff agents (victorian)It may not quite be the Victorian Torchwood of the TV, with agents Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd (pictured) but as announced at Big Finish Day 8 (see other notes here) the second series of Torchwood audios starts with an inspection by Queen Victoria! Like many fans I feel there is plenty of potential in setting the show earlier in history, but I don’t feel any need for a crossover with Jago / Litefoot / Strax….

Back to the inspection, surely nothing can go wrong, can it?!

The Victorian Age

Yes, Torchwood 2.1 is called The Victorian Age, and is set in the 1890s and Queen Victoria must be saved from a terrible monster — Captain Jack Harkness. Queen Victoria is played by Rowena Cooper and the story is by crime writer AK Benedict. Note the larger cast for this series includes Louise Jameson.

Zone 10 – Toshiko Returns!

And finally fans can relax, Torchwood 2.2: Zone 10 gives us the return of Toshiko played by Naoko Mori in a visit to the Russian equivalent of Torchwood, called KVI. Written by David Llewelyn, April 2016 can’t come soon enough!

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