Update on the Big Finish Forum

abandoned planeAs reported here (Is the Big Finish forum ‘No More’), Big Finish fans are still coming to terms with the removal of the official forum. As an update to my previous post I thought I’d give a state of play update.

Will the old forum come back?

The answer seems very much to be no. We have no formal, public statement but we should assume the forum as was is no more. The content has been made available in read-only form; no word either on how long that will remain. My assumption is months but not indefinitely.

What’s the current best alternative?

If you like FaceBook (I’m not keen) a lot of fans are congregating in The Zero RoomThis is a good early effort by N Harold Gervais. On there has been some discussion of the best way forward.

Someone with the twitter handle of @geekmyths has stepped in and set up something that does a job but I suggest has flaws. It is called NotTheBigFinishForumMy thoughts are:

  • The name is too negative (I prefer something like The Divergent Universe)
  • The web address is unattractive
  • There will be adverts unless we start paying money (I don’t foresee any totally free options)
  • Nobody seems to know who @geekmyths is – I have tweeted, left forum messages and so on
  • There is no community involvement – it has been set up and dumped with no regard for feedback.

What’s the answer?

My preference is to do something more cooperatively, though I am as guilty of anyone else of not having a lot of time to set something up (it might encourage me to start a forum for this blog though!) A better name and some agreement on purpose, organisation, moderators, governance… would leave me more content.

I’ll keep you update!

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