Torchwood 1.1 The Conspiracy reviewed

Torchwood The ConspiracySeptember 2015 and the release of the first ever Big Finish Torchwood story, The Conspiracy by David Llewellyn, directed by Scott Handcock. Focussing, as it should, on Captain Jack Harkness, how was it and how did John Barrowman perform?

Let’s find out…

The story

First the Big Finish summary from the product page:

Captain Jack Harkness has always had his suspicions about the Committee. And now Wilson is also talking about the Committee. Apparently the world really is under the control of alien lizards. That’s what Wilson says. People have died, disasters have been staged, the suspicious have disappeared.

It’s outrageous.

Only Jack knows that Wilson is right. The Committee has arrived.

Wilson (John Sessions) is an ex-news reader, now conspiracy guru, on tour spreading the word of the Committee. Jack Harkness investigates under the guise of a journalist, and meets both a nerdy conspiracy fan (Sam, played by Dan Bottomley) and Wilson’s daughter, Kate (Sarah Ovens). Jack interviews Wilson, who doesn’t realise much of his doctrine is, in fat, completely true. As Jack investigates the mood darkens, things get ugly and the plot telescopes out beyond conspiracy in Cardiff to a more galactic plot. All very Torchwood.

The storytelling

[pullquote]a bit more of the team chemistry[/pullquote]

John Barrowman is instantly returned to us as Captain Jack and all the cast are spot on. The story feels authentic, but even with four actors still shows it is something of a pilot. We know the interest in this episode was such the rest of the series was moved up to run contiguously, and we now know a second series will follow immediately. Big Finish have a recent habit of having a Chronicles  type series with reduced cast, moving out to a fuller cast as the commercials start to tip in the favour of larger productions (the Blake’s 7 model). With all the will in the world, pretending to talk to Gwen on the phone is a nice try but Torchwood needs a bit more of the team chemistry to really shine.

I liked this story, even if the resolution was only a set-up for a series. Do let me know what you thought!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Isara says:

    Nice. But I miss the team! I miss Janto (and Ianto Jones, Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato) This is the team i love – Gwen never liked me too much, and a team only with Jack, that I love, and Gwen, is not a team for me-. I find the order of the episodes in this new season of Big Finish a bit chaotic for that (the lack of team precisely). Although John is fabulous, as the rest of cast (but I miss so much Janto….)


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Thanks Isara. Let’s hear how it develops, fingers crossed for some full cast soon!


      1. Isara says:

        Thanks for the answer! (fingers crossed too for full cast & janto too)


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