Big Finish Day 7 shaping up nicely

BF Day 7The guest list for September’s Big Finish Day 7 is growing, as is the number of things possibly on the programme. The three I’ve been to (3, 4 and 6) were all very good but check out the Tenth Planet guest list – it’s growing week by week.

Not only is that list growing but so is the list of things being released that month or soon after. One obvious thought is will Torchwood be represented? The first Captain Jack story is out that month.

I think that would dominate the day rather too much, and my money is that January 2016 will be a Torchwood heavy Big Finish Day 8. Let’s look at what else might be happening.

What we know

The Sixth Doctor is there in the form or mister Colin Baker himself, along with Flip (Lisa Greenwood). The Sixth Doctor’s Last Adventure is released in September so expect this to be the main event. In August The Omega Factor is out (I was in studio for some of this – magnificent stuff) and Louise is there along with John Dorney and Natasha Gerson.

India Fisher is coming, so news on Charley (and she is involved in the Sixth Doctor story already mentioned). The Third Doctor Adventures comes out (Tim Treloar is going) as is the Second Doctor‘s early adventures. Anneke Wills and Elliot Chapman are both in Slough so expect a panel on that.

Yasmin Bannerman and Travis Oliver are there so I guess for more stories for the Seventh Doctor, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester, following on from the very good Damaged Goods.

Thoughts – are you going, what panels do you expect? What other announcements might we get? Let me know!

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