Little Doctors Reviewed

short-trips-little-doctors_coverThe February 2015 Short Trips release was Little Doctors  by Philip Lawrence, with Frazer Hines taking care of all the vocals and Lisa Bowerman directing. I’ve already reviewed this on CultBox so I may skip some details here. This is a Second Doctor story, and as you should expect features Jamie and Zoe.

I enjoyed January’s Flywheel Revolution – how did this one go down? Find out…

The story

First the synopsis:

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe to a sophisticated Earth colony. Olympos is a world of hi-tech cities, where the lives of the populace are controlled by an all-seeing, all-knowing super computer: Zeus. When the Doctor sees how the human inhabitants have been robbed of the more simple pleasures, he sets out to bring real life back to the colony. But his mental connection to Zeus has some unexpected consequences…

This story starts part way through and we play catch-up as Zoe and Jamie explain the background. The TARDIS has arrived in a society controlled by Zeus – benevolent (at first) but stifling human creativity. As part of their technology, the inhabitants of Olympos have the ability to quickly create androids able to carry out various tasks. once the Doctor gets connected to Zeus, chaos reigns. The machines start turning out a whole range of mini-Doctors intent on causing mayhem.

Eventually the Doctor sorts things out with the use of his recorded in a real Pied Piper moment — a great image. All ends well with the human denizens of Olympos now free to find their own future with less control than before, they main threat the annual appearance of mini-Doctors intent on brightening things up.

The storytelling

This is a classic Doctor arrives and overturns a controlling society by acting as a catalyst for change story made memorable with the use of the crazy mini-Doctors. As I pointed out on CultBox (see link above) although Frazer plays Jamie, the Doctor and narrates, this is (I contend) a Zoe story. It allows Zoe to interact with a controlling all powerful, logical force and find it wanting. She gets to reflect on the need to not be the one-dimensional Zoe she if often portrayed as but a rounded person, understanding the value of individual freedom. Clever stuff!

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