Nick’s Picks – weekend sale

Nick BriggsAnother weekend, another sale! This time its the so-called Nick’s Picks in which Nick Briggs (pictured) chooses ten titles some of which have already been on sale this year. This sale is available only on the weekend of 28-29 September; it consists of nine Doctor Who titles and one Sherlock Holmes. I have all the Doctor Who stories listed so for me it’s actually time to be Jago & Litefoot Series 3! The usual rules apply – £5 each or the whole set of ten for £45.

For those who need a prompt I go through the list and make some suggestions…

The List

Doctor Who main range titles:

  • The Condemned: Eddie Robson gives us the introduction of DI Menzies and the first Charley + Sixth Doctor story (review here). Recommended
  • The Girl Who Never Was: Alan Barnes allows the Eight Doctor and Charley to part (and yes this should be listed before The Condemned). Recommended
  • The Bride of Peladon: Barnaby Edward writes and directs a decent tale in which we learn more about Peladon and Erimem leaves the Fifth Doctor
  • Son of the Dragon: Steve Lyons introduces Dracula to the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Erimem.

The Eight Doctor Adventures (aka The Ballad of Lucie Miller):

  • Max Warp: the brilliant story of Top Gear in space by Jonathan Morris. Highly recommended and reviewed here
  • Grand Theft Cosmos: another personal favourite and a train story. Reviewed here and again highly recommended
  • Lucie Miller and To the Death: a two-part story by Nick Briggs which bids farewell to Lucie in dramatic style. Again highly recommended though benefits from having heard earlier stories. Reviewed here

There is also:

  • John Dorney’s recommended First Doctor Companion Chronicle The Rocket Men which I review here
  • The final pick is a Sherlock Holmes The Tale of the Perfidious Mariner.



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