Shoreditch in the Anniversary!


Following some disappointment that the 50th Anniversary will only feature the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors (with Rose and Clara) a sop for the fans in the form of some photographs that appeared yesterday.

The first is the one to the left showing the front of Coal Hill School. A further look also reveals a certain I. Chesterton as the Chair of Governors could Ian make a surprise appearance? Also the Head Teacher is W. Coburn which is presumably a nod to Anthony Cobrun who wrote An Unearthly Child.

There’s more!

This photo of Totter’s Lane is also fodder for the fans; more than that it means I actually got a piece of speculation right (not hard in this case) in that Totter’s Lane does appear!

Hopefully we get some more bits and pieces sneak out and fans will survive (they always do) and enjoy The Light at the End from Big Finish as their nostalgia dose!

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