The Lady in the Iron Mask meets the Two Musketeers

So what happens when one of my least favourite companions (Erimem – no reflection on Caroline Morris) is in a story by two of my favourite authors (Cavan Scott and Mark Wright who gave us amongst other things The Forge)? Well as part of completing my main range 1-50 collection I finally arrived at The Church and the Crown which I had gathered was widely popular with other fans so I had some optimism despite reservations. What did I actually think? Find out after the break…


First a note on Erimem; my meanderings through the main range back catalogue led me to Erimem in a peculiar order with two stories Council of Nicaea and Three’s a Crowd which I didn’t like at all and led me to dislike the Erimem character. The freebie No Place Like Home didn’t help and I also listened to Nekromantia which does no favours to the character.

I have now listened to the first Erimem tale The Eye of the Scorpion which is better rounded in terms of plot and character so I was somewhat prepared to like this story..

The Story

This is a light-hearted (rather than comic) tale set in a Paris that readers of Alexandre Dumas would easily recognise. At first I thought this was a Musketeers pastiche with the King, Queen, affairs, Duke of Buckingham and Cardinal Richelieu. What lifted this was also a large dose of Man in the Iron Mask (also from the Three Musketeer tales) with Peri being a double for the French Queen.

Much mayhem results with the Cardinal’s men and the Musketeers set against each other by Buckingham to allow for an English invasion of Paris. One thing I liked is the chance for the Doctor to defeat the English for a change. Erimem herself did well; as an ex-Pharoah she convinvingly led the defense of Paris while the Doctor sorted out the main participants.


I liked this; it may not quite be a classic but it is a good listen with most characters having something to do, great performances by the musketeers / king / queen / Cardinal…

What do you think?

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