Special Release Offers

Grab them before the prices go up!

Not very obvious to spot this but on the Big Finish web site if you dig around there are a bunch of offers available if you order by December 17th 2012 – see (here) for details. I only noticed (eventually) by reading through the forum – I suggest you join the forum if you haven’t, there is a lot of interesting material posted by all and sundry!

The full list of offers is:

  • Two mysterious Sixth Doctor CDs (each £5 instead of £10)
  • The Eight Doctor boxset – what happened after the end of the Eighth Doctor Adventures (£20 instead of £40)
  • The Klein / UNIT boxset
  • The new Bernice Summerfield audio adaptation.

I suggest you hop straight over and save some money!

UPDATE – I of course hadn’t read it properly and the prices apply until December 17 2012. Update (October 25th– as the releases start to appear this end date has been extended to December 31st


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