River vs The Master(s)

In the latest DWM (and confirmed on the Big Finish site) we learn all about the fifth River Song boxset. No, River isn’t meeting more incarnations of the Doctor, instead it’s four stories and four incarnations of… The Master! And that’s only half the story: the Master will be played by Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Gomez…

What if the Big Finish licence were extended?

So, one possibility not oft discussed, is Big Finish having the scope of their new series Doctor Who licence extended. As the FAQ page says, the licence only covers up until Matt Smith left the show. While the Eleventh Doctor‘s era still had plenty to explore, I believe Jodie Whittaker’s imminent arrival means the Twelfth Doctor‘s era could well…

Doctor Who: The Women who lived announced

Coming in September 2018 is another collection of Doctor Who stories with a female companion spin: Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived: Goodnight Stories from the Whoniverse. There’s no cover yet, but writers so far announced include Simon Guerrier and Christel Dee. We do have some details:

The Missy Chronicles review

I had a read of The Missy Chronicles, and was glad I did. Six intriguing stories covering Missy’s incarnation from six very different authors (James Goss, Jacqueline Rayner, Cavan Scott, Paul Magrs, Peter Anghelides and Richard Dinnick). I had slightly more to say on Starburst: DOCTOR WHO: THE MISSY CHRONICLES. /// Message Ends \\\

Doctor Who Infinity announced

Tiny Rebel Games has announced some details of Doctor Who Inifinity, its 2018 follow-up to Doctor Who Legacy. It starts with Dalek Invasion of Time, a George Mann story illustrated by MIke Collins / Chris Carter. I believe it will be a paid for game, and the first of a series. This story features the Twelfth Doctor and Missy.

Missy Chronicles cover revealed

There’s been a burst of social media traffic on the reveal of the cover for the recently announced Missy Chronicles. It’s a bit better than my attempt! *** Message Ends ***

The Missy Chronicles are coming!

Available on Amazon for pre-order, you can get The Missy Chronicles, released February 2018. All we know is it will be 224 pages, and authors include Cavan Scott, Jaq Rayner, James Goss, Paul Magrs, Richard Dinnick and Peter Anghelides. The picture left isn’t the cover, just a mock-up I did using a picture I found here: TARDIS…

Doctor (Puppet) Falls

A long overdue return for Doctor Puppet, who has been marking the Season 10 finale in his own special way. Do look at the FaceBook page – it’s brilliant! ==> Message Ends <==

The Doctor Falls review

For the sake of completeness, here’s my thoughts on The Doctor Falls. Short review: few gripes aside, like all the reviews I can find I agree it was rather excellent. Long review? Well, here’s some thoughts…

The Doctor Falls Extras

As per usual, there are some bits and pieces available for The Doctor Falls. No extra photos or artwork yet, expect these tomorrow. If you want the quiz / fact file / farewell from Nardole have a look. -+- Message Ends -+-

Thoughts ahead of The Doctor Falls

Tonight’s the night! In The Doctor Falls, we have cybermen of three types, two incarnations of the Doctor, and one companion (Bill) in a bad way. All the review sites suggest this is a solid (and longer) story, and all say similar things. I’ve not seen it, so what am I looking forward to?

Four ways to save Bill Potts

So, if you didn’t watch World Enough and Time, please don’t read on. This has at least one serious, grade A spoiler. Don’t even look at the picture. Damn! I did warn you. Let’s face it, Bill had a bad day, but knowing Steven Moffat, the chances are it all gets fixed in The Fall of the…